Stay Ahead of the Curve with Virtual F&I

Why are customers more likely to buy from a dealer who offers virtual F&I service? In today’s fast-paced automotive industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential to meeting the evolving expectations of digitally empowered consumers. With customers increasingly turning to online research and shopping before making a car purchase, the F&I process has become a critical touchpoint that demands innovation. Enter Virtual F&I, the game-changer offered by First US Warranty that is poised to transform the way dealerships handle F&I transactions.  


Is the dealership required to sell First US Warranty's F&I Products to use the service?

No, the dealership is not obligated to sell First US Warranty’s F&I products to utilize the Virtual F&I service. Our team seamlessly integrates with your existing setup and offers support for selling other providers’ products, ensuring flexibility and choice for your dealership and customers.

Increasing Automotive Sales with Efficiency

With Virtual F&I, our team of experienced F&I professionals seamlessly integrate with your operations, remotely facilitating F&I transactions through secure digital platforms. There is no need for additional staff or infrastructure – Virtual F&I adapts to your needs, enhances efficiency, and boosts your bottom line.

Key Benefits of Virtual F&I:

Expand Your Team

Access a pool of seasoned F&I professionals regardless of location, filling staffing gaps and managing peak periods effortlessly.

Scale with Ease

Respond to fluctuating customer demand by adding or reducing Virtual F&I support as needed, avoiding unnecessary overhead costs.

Boost Efficiency

Streamline F&I transactions with secure digital tools and expert guidance, maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Optimize Costs

Eliminate in-house F&I staffing expenses while enjoying a pay-per-use model with Virtual F&I.

Gain Valuable Insights

Track performance through real-time reporting and analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement.

A Decision of Convenience – And So Much More

Virtual F&I isn’t just about convenience; it’s about transforming F&I performance. With First US Warranty, you can expect:  

Product Flexibility

Facilitate a wide range of F&I products, including service contracts, GAP coverage, and more, to meet diverse customer needs.

Compliance Guaranteed

Operate confidently with our commitment to industry regulations and best practices, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Data Security

Rest assured knowing that customer information is protected by robust security protocols, maintaining trust and confidentiality.


Tailor the Virtual F&I solution to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring seamless integration into your dealership’s operations.

Ongoing Support

Our dedicated team provides continuous assistance, training, and resources to maximize your dealership’s success with Virtual F&I.

Your Four Flexible Virtual F&I Options

At First US Warranty, we understand that every dealership operates differently, with unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer four flexible partnership options for Virtual F&I, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing operations and enhance your dealership’s efficiency and profitability.  

Full-Service F&I

Our Full-Service F&I option provides you with skilled agents who will deliver F&I deals virtually while representing your dealership. This option is ideal for instances when a salesperson has completed their portion of the deal, but an F&I Manager isn’t available onsite. With Full-Service F&I, you can ensure that every customer receives the expert F&I guidance they need, regardless of staffing constraints.  

Centralized F&I Consulting and Management

Streamline your operations and enhance your efficiency with our Centralized F&I option. Take Virtual F&I operations in-house and enable your F&I Managers at one location to support other locations remotely. Alternatively, establish a central Virtual F&I office out of a single location to consolidate and optimize your F&I processes across multiple dealership locations. Centralized F&I empowers your team to maximize productivity and deliver exceptional customer service.

Hybrid F&I

Our Hybrid F&I option offers a flexible approach that works within your business model to support and supplement traditional on-location F&I operations. Backed by our expert Virtual F&I team, this option allows you to combine the best of both worlds, leveraging the convenience and efficiency of virtual transactions while maintaining the personalized touch of on-location interactions. With Hybrid F&I, you can achieve maximum results while meeting the unique needs of your dealership.  

Remote Delivery F&I

Empower your F&I Managers with our Remote Delivery F&I option, allowing them to conduct the F&I process on both remote and off-site sales. This option enables your customers to complete as much of the F&I process with you as possible without having to be on-site, providing added convenience and flexibility. With Remote Delivery F&I, you can extend your dealership’s reach and enhance the customer experience, all while driving efficiency and profitability.

No matter which partnership option you choose, First US Warranty is committed to providing you with the support, expertise, and resources you need to succeed in today’s competitive automotive market. Contact us today to explore how Virtual F&I can revolutionize your dealership’s F&I operations and drive results like never before.