The Flexibility to Structure Your Own F&I Program

At First US Warranty, we understand that every dealership has unique needs and objectives when it comes to F&I programs. That’s why we offer a range of flexible structures to maximize profitability, mitigate risk, and enhance customer experience for your dealership. Our commitment is to help you thrive in today’s automotive industry landscape by providing tailored solutions that align with your short and long-term goals. Whether you’re a small independent dealer or a large multi-franchise group, we have the right F&I structure to help you succeed.

Explore our comprehensive suite of F&I structures below:

Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC) aka Dealer Owned Obligor Company (DOOC)

Our DOWC program enables dealerships to establish their own warranty company, providing maximum control over their F&I program, customer experience, and brand identity. With access to cash for growth, asset utilization during economic downturns, and reduced fees, DOWCs are ideal for larger dealer groups looking to optimize profitability and customer satisfaction.

Super CFC aka Reinsurance X

Our Super CFC program combines the benefits of CFC and DOWC structures, offering dealerships maximum flexibility, control, and scalability. With tailored solutions and ongoing monitoring, Super CFCs ensure that dealerships remain in the optimal structure to achieve their business objectives.

Non-Controlled Foreign Corporation (NCFC)

NCFC structures are designed for dealerships seeking to expand beyond the limitations of CFCs. With no size limitations and tax benefits like CFCs, NCFCs offer greater flexibility and scalability, making them suitable for growing dealer groups and wealth management clients.

Retrospective Reinsurance

Our retrospective reinsurance program offers dealerships additional compensation on top of existing programs from administrators and insurance companies. With a profit-sharing arrangement, dealerships gain exposure to contract underwriting profit without the risk of loss, making it an attractive option for those seeking to optimize their F&I returns.

Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC)

CFC structures provide dealerships with tax advantages and asset protection while allowing them to fully share in underwriting profit and investment income from F&I products. Ideal for smaller dealer groups, CFCs offer flexibility and control over risk management and financial objectives.

Non-Participating Programs

For dealerships looking for simplicity and minimal risk exposure, our non-participating programs offer straightforward solutions with reduced complexity and administrative burden. With transparent fee structures and customizable options, non-participating programs provide peace of mind and financial stability.

F&I Programs with Transparent, Competitive Pricing

Approaching every partnership with complete transparency, First US Warranty offers F&I programs with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. In fact, every one of our programs includes: 

Fees We NEVER Charge!

Valuable Upgrades:

First US Warranty offers opportunities to enhance your F&I program with these valuable upgrades:

Choose from 3 Tiers of Elite Service

Discover the difference First US Warranty’s proprietary comprehensive options make in your dealership’s long-term plan for success. Dealerships are a people-oriented business! By aligning everyone on your team with the F&I program goals and implementing them flawlessly, we can maximize profits together. Best of all, you get to build the plan that works for you, choosing from three options to suit your needs: 


Provides fundamental products and support, addressing basic needs and ensuring essential administration for dealership operations and customers.


Additional features and benefits beyond the essentials by enhancing support to elevate the profitability


Delivers premium-level support catering to the highest standards of quality, service, and training