F&I Products

Our F&I Products Maximize Your Dealership’s Profit Potential

First US Warranty is leading the way with transparent, competitive pricing on an array of customizable F&I products designed to achieve your unique goals. There are no hidden costs – only the added value of superior products delivered with exceptional customer service and maximum profit potential! Check out our Top 5 F&I product choices:  


Vehicle Service Contracts

Fuels profit by allowing your customers to include potential repair costs in their monthly payment

Limited Warranties

Boosts profit and gives you a competitive advantage by offering used car buyers coverage for basic powertrain components

GAP Coverage

Creates profit by offering customers a safety net in case of theft or damage, paying the difference between what they owe versus what the vehicle is worth
pre paid maintenance

Pre-Paid Maintenance

Adds to your profit while giving customers an opportunity to plan for maintenance expenses

Tire & Wheel Protection

Boosts profit while covering drivers for any tire and wheel repairs and replacements

Appearance Protection

Enhances profit and customer satisfaction by protecting the interior and exterior appearance of the vehicle so it maintains its value longer, leaving customers more satisfied with your dealership when it’s time to purchase again

Dent & Ding Protection

Expands profits while assuring car buyers they won’t have to live with unsightly dents and dings

Key Replacement

Opens the door to profit margin by covering costly key replacements for your customers

Windshield Protection

Cracks open profit potential by replacing cracked or broken windshields as needed

Bundle Programs

Appeals to customers with interest in multiple product types

Excess Wear & Tear

Transforms a buyer problem into immediate profit for your dealership

Theft Deterrents

Steals the show as profit center for customer in markets where theft is a major concern